Kinuk's Alaskan Malamutes


About Us

Having had always a strong bond with dogs from childhood. I finally had the chance, on my 13th, to have my owndogs.

But what kind of dog did I wanted to have?
I got a dog encyclopedia and when I saw the malamute it was love at first side. I read the description of the character and just knew this was "my breed".

So after a couple of months, Simba came into my live. Since then, my live has been changed for ever! Because I was bitten with the "Malamutitis" :o)

In 1997 I became an official agility instructor of the Belgium Kennel Club and that same year I started to handl dogs at shows. I'm specialised in group 5 and group 2.

In the meantime we have 6 Alaskan Malamutes and several co-owned living with their co-owners. My dogs are doing obedience, agility, carting, showing, backpaking and wheightpulling. I strongly believe this is a multifunctional and very intelligent breed.

I love this breed because of the following 3 characteristics they have: ENDURANCE, FIDELITY and INTELLIGENCE!

Kinuk’s has been the  the kennel that has accomplished records for the first time, e.g.  we are the owners of the first Belgian Alaskan Malamute that has multiple conformation championships in different countries and has got his CDX and OA, our Malamutes have played in videoclips, we are owners of the first BIS female in Belgium, etc. Our dogs are not only show dogs, they are all working dogs, obedience dogs, agility dogs, we even have a frisbeeing malamute! But above all, all my dogs are house dogs.  All this is possible because we believe in the multitude temperament of Malamutes. We are the first to have achieved this in Belgium: a champion dog that has got both their agility and obedience degree to do competitions.

Many people think of the malamute as a dog strictly for outside. This is not the case. They want to be a part of the family and adore to be with people, even if its being a couch potatoe.  They do not guard. They are clean and odourless, but in return you should groom a Malamute regular, this includes combing and brushing of the coat, trimming their nails, cleaning their ears and teeth and washing them when they shed.

You have to know that this breed is not for everyone. They are very intelligent, that’s the reason why they are harder to train for the average family. Educating them is frustrating at times, specially since they are ready to stand for the challenge. You should dedicate yourself AND your family to work hard and to spend a great deal of time with your dog, otherwise this breed is not for you. Being an obedience instructor before and have had many people come to me help them out with their Malamute, I know how they can be if not trained properly.  Trust me you don’t want to have a 70-90 pound dog that isn’t educated on the leash or in your home. To prevent this they must be taken to puppy socialization classes, obedience school, the city, to children’s school exits etc  the more you do with them as puppies the better they are as adults.  We demand that you go with your Kinuk's puppy at least to puppy socialization classes with a puppy from us till the puppy is 6 months old. We believe in a positive education, but when they are challenging you, you should be firm and let them know that they can’t play around with you. Keeping it joy able for a malamute is the most important thing. They must have fun in the thing they do, whatever this is. By doing this we have proven that a Malamute can do everything you want them to do, whether it is  showing, obedience, agility, backpacking, frisbeeing, mushing, etc. Work with your dog, not against your dog and a no is always a no and a yes is always a yes, treat them right, do remember this always.

We have rescued and placed successfully different dogs from other breeders, we hope it never occurs, but if it does anytime I will take my dogs back for whatever reason, we will even come and pick them up ourselves.  My puppies are placed after they reach 7-8 weeks of age.  At anytime during the life of your dog you can call me for any reason any time of the day, I want to know how our ‘babies’ are doing and want to follow them their whole life through. I am always there to help you out if you have any problems with them.

The puppies that will be available are from generations of healthy dogs not only physically but mentally sound as well. All our breeding dogs are free of hip dysplasia, Chd (chrondodysplasia) and free of eye disorders.  They come from generations of champions who were able to do the job they were bred for.

I ask for pictures of your home inside and out and of your fenced in backyard and we have a complete list of questions that you should fill out. We want you to come at least two times to our home before the puppies are born and also several times when the puppies are there. If you are from an other country, you must come and pick up your puppy yourself. We don’t ship puppies alone.  For foreign owners we do ask references and also they should come and pick their puppy up theirselves.

If you have any questions, please feel free contact me. 

I want to thank a couple of people who mentored me and who are always there to advice me and correct me if necessarry, wether it has been about malamutes, showing, grooming, breeding: Chris Jannelli of Cold Valley's kennel, Sue Reed of Akiak kennel, Pascal Philippe of Working Stock kennel, Carina Wijnen of Alyeshka Anoke kennel, Nicole and Eric Hermann-Vanpraet from Antarc'tic Explorer kennel, Cheena Villano from Staghorn Kennel, Gay Hisatake-Kuehnel from Owyhee Kennel, my family: my parents and grandparents who supported me all the way, they learnt me true sportmanship, to be honest and open and they let me enjoy my passion, they take care of the rest of the dogs when I am away for shows, my two brothers who helped me condition the dogs and kept track of their conditions (both are sportsmen) and last but not my husband who supports me in every decision I take and who is The Manager and Right Hand of the kennel as he calls him self :D

Thanks to my husband Sükrü we are working the dogs more and more as I did have some health issues. He even has some goals that he is working towards to and within a couple of years we'll reveal our achievements within the working arrea too.

Senay Usta - Arik & Sükrü Arik